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Instrument Battery Repair&Battery; Repair Machine &Battery; Repair&Battery; refurbishment|Beijing Zhongke Richful Technology Co., Ltd.
    Our company is located in the Central Communist Youth League, China Association for Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, the National Federation recognized as "China's College Students Pioneering Park," "Students Pioneer Park," the Beijing International Business Incubator Center (IBI), was the central spiritual guidance Commission awarded the "National Civilized Unit" designation, awarded National Science and Technology Committee are identified by National Hi-tech Innovation Service Center, are in Fengtai District of Beijing Science and Technology Committee, Association of the designated base for science education and the adoption of EIC quality management system certification, is a professional R & D, promotion of renewable energy high-tech scientific research units. Company with reference to the international scientific and technologic...
     ★Joined "in Section Richf
     ★Latest ion batteries, such as
     National exclusive launch of t
     Company provided free of charg
     Electric Bicycle repair free o
D级加盟 陈勇锋 广东中山市西区沙朗镇
E级加盟 郭占军 北京朝阳区楼梓庄乡
C级加盟 孙树青 河北泊头市泊镇
A级代理 谢友亮 四川德阳市
B级加盟 李世红 四川资中县
E级加盟 王亚宾 河南鲁山县
D级加盟 王家君 安徽马鞍山市花山区
D级加盟 刘丽华 河北石家庄加盟店
C级加盟 李平 北京大兴区
B级加盟 武双义 天津为民路
A级加盟 王允奎 北京上地西路
R-092-ion batteries, suc
R-091-ion batteries, such as micro-manage the repair system
R-091-ion batteries, suc
R-090-ion batteries, such as micro-manage the repair system
R-090-ion batteries, suc
R-089-ion batteries, such as micro-manage the repair system
R-089-ion batteries, suc
R-088-ion batteries, suc
R-087-ion batteries, such as micro-manage the restoration Miriam
R-087-ion batteries, suc
R-086-ion batteries, suc
R-080-ion batteries, suc
R-079 cell phone ba
T-09 battery voltage&nbs;
T-08 optical density
T-07 density detector&nb;
T-06 micro-manage the&nb;
T-05 electric car v
Dedicated T-04 Battery&n;
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Instrument Battery Repair Battery Repair Battery Repair Machine  Battery refurbishment
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